William R. Taylor, MD

Intravenous Hope, Stat!

Intravenous Hope, Stat! examines the causes and the effects of health professionals' suicides.

We trust doctors not to kill us.

Can we trust them not to kill themselves?

A quote from the Preface of
Intravenous Hope, Stat!:

Working on this book introduced me to one of the toughest cases of self-doubt I've ever encountered:

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This site introduces an e-book about stress in health professionals.
The title is

We Need to Help Stressed or Suicidal Doctors,
Nurses, Psychologists, Therapists And Their Relatives.

(For those not familiar with health professionals'
orders, when a doctor, dentist or nurse writes "stat,"
that word means "carry out this order right away.")

My book's subtitle invites readers, both inside
and outside the medical profession,
to join in the effort to reduce stress in these professionals.
Those of you who are stressed health professionals
will recognize many of your struggles in the stories
you will find in Intravenous Hope, Stat!

I explain early in the book that I am clear about one thing:
I'm not in a position to convince a suicidal professional
to stay alive for all time. Too many factors drive a person's
decision to commit suicide, too many pressures,
too many doubts, too much despair.

If you are feeling suicidal, whether you are a health professional
or not, I do want to convince you to take enough time
to explore some sources of help -- help you may not
have thought of, or help you may have given up on.

In other words, I want you to climb just a little farther down
on your suicide risk ladder. Down from that high danger-point where 
you may harm yourself. 

Your stresses may have affected others in your life, such as
a spouse, or children, or your family of origin,
or your colleagues.
In Intravenous Hope, Stat! I discuss the impact of
professionals' stress on those relatives and colleagues.

And it's not only older professionals who are at risk;
some of you are students, in college, in professional schools,
or in residency training. You also struggle with depression
and even suicidal impulses. I try to bridge
the half-century age gap between my generation and yours.

I hope you find that Intravenous Hope, Stat! gives you a
useful perspective on stress and suicide in our professions.