William R. Taylor, MD

Intravenous Hope, Stat!

Intravenous Hope, Stat! examines the causes and the effects of health professionals' suicides.

We trust doctors not to kill us.

Can we trust them not to kill themselves?

A quote from the Preface of
Intravenous Hope, Stat!:

Working on this book introduced me to one of the toughest cases of self-doubt I've ever encountered:

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Table of Contents, Intravenous Hope, Stat


Introduction: To Health Professionals Who May Be Suicidal

Chapter 1: Other Situations: Retired, In Training, Burned Out

Chapter 2: Have You Worked Yourself Up?

Chapter 3: Dire Straits: Finding Energy Enough To Help Yourself

Chapter 4: Let Me Challenge Your Reasons For Not Getting Help

Chapter 5: Preventive Action Before You Become Suicidal:
Time To Take Stock Of Your Strengths And Vulnerabilities,
And Understand The Reasons Your Coping Is Not Working

Chapter 6: For Relatives And Friends Of A Suicidal Professional

Chapter 7: Faith (In What?) And Hope (For What?)

Chapter 8: What Do Ordinary People Have To Say
About Love, Religion, Etc.?

Chapter 9: Physicians' Emotions And Care Of The Seriously Ill:
Fighting Burnout

Chapter 10: Don't Tell Anybody I Said This: You Can Quit!
(Or Make A Transition to…)

Chapter 11: Using Your Strengths To Fight Stress And Suicidal Feelings

Chapter 12: Recycle Your Family, But Not Into A …

Chapter 13: Your Stress May Be Even Greater Than You Realize

Chapter 14: Substance Abuse, With Or Without Depression
Or Bipolar Illness

Chapter 15 Would Your Family Really Be Better Off Without You?

Chapter 16: Toxic Workplaces: Would Your Co-Workers
And Patients Really Be Better Off Without You --
If You Killed Yourself?

Chapter 17: What Can Patients Do To Assist Their Doctors,
And Perhaps Even Help Prevent a Suicide?

Chapter 18: Not Much Written About Therapy With
Suicidal Doctors And Other Professionals


1. Quotes From Health Professionals Who Left
Their Profession, Or Changed Their Type Of Practice

2. Physician Suicide -- Healing Others But Killing Themselves

3. Quotes From The Wounded Healer

4. Other Sites Of Interest Regarding Ways Of Coping